Space Coast Real Estate One Client Testimonials

Last summer we had to sell our home and purchase our ‘dream pool home’ due to our growing family. This was a stressful situation because we found our dream home before we sold our old home. We hired Avery Piantedosi, who is the managing broker of Space Coast Real Estate One, to do both for us and she kept us calm throughout the entire process. She priced our home for sale correctly and did an amazing marketing job to get buyers to look at it. Finally we got an offer and ended up closing on both homes within two weeks of each other! I would advise anyone looking for a real estate pro to hire Avery Piantedosi and have refered her to family and friends who are in need of an real estate broker who cares!

- Jennifer and Richard O.

This past year, we had to make the very tough decision to sell our house even though we owed more money on our mortgage than our home was worth. In starting the short sale process, we wanted a real estate agent that was experienced in this area of real estate and could help us navigate the very confusing and sometimes demoralizing process. We also knew from past experience that we were looking for someone that was trustworthy, honest, and had great follow-through skills. After a lot of research, we were able to find exactly what we were looking for in Avery Piantedosi., the broker of Space Coast Real Estate One.Avery’s expansive knowledge in the area of short sales was immediately reassuring to us. She educated us on all the different dynamics of doing a short sale, and helped us explore the various options available. Avery understands that selling one’s house, especially for less than you owe, can be a trying and even emotional time for homeowners. She was conscientious in getting back to us very quickly whenever we had questions – there were times when we wondered if we were Avery’s only clients! But at the same time we knew Avery had many clients but always made us feel valuable by getting back to us so quickly.

Avery was able to shepherd us through the process with the help of her wonderful team – we felt like we had our very own army of people working hard to push the sale of our house through with as few hiccups as possible! While delays are inevitable, they were short-lived because Avery and her team understand the process and know exactly what is needed to move things along. We believe this was the key to making our short sale process relatively painless! There is no way we could have navigated all the steps and paperwork on our own.

Since closing on our house and moving in to our new home, we have had more than one occasion to recommend Avery to family and friends looking to start the intimidating process of selling their home. We truly believe that our experience was so positive because of Avery’s strong work ethic, expert knowledge, and amazing follow-through skills. It is without reservation that we highly recommend Avery Piantedosi to anyone looking to sell their home.

- Megan & Ben W.

Beginning in September 2007 through June 19, 2009, I worked with the Loss Mitigation department of Flagstar Bank (my lender) to obtain approval to close on the Short Sale. During the past 21 months, I’ve worked with 3 Real Estate Agents, 1 Real Estate Attorney, 5 different Loss Mitigators and their Vice President, and a host of other Loss Mitigation employees. I had first and second mortgages with Flagstar Bank and owed a total of $192,000. Additionally, for the past year or so, Flagstar Bank has been losing revenue so quickly, that they were shutting down branches all over the country. They eventually had to obtain TARP money, among other things, in order to withstand the current economic downturn.After almost 14 months exhaustive months of getting nowhere with the bank, I gave up on trying to sell my home. Then, in December 2008, I ran across a very impressive ad Avery posted on Activerain, and decided to call her. I explained all my horrific experiences with the bank to Avery, and then told her that her chances of getting approval from Flagstar Bank were virtually impossible.Undaunted by my lack of confidence, Avery informed me that she could get the Short Sale approved. At that point, feeling like I had nothing to lose, I hired Avery. In addition to all the other challenges Avery would face with this Short Sale, I had remained current on both mortgages and all my other financial obligations. I was however, insolvent. I even insisted that Avery do everything she could to preserve my credit among other things, and she said she would.
The original CMA Avery provided, indicated I was nearly $110,000 underwater on my mortgage loans. Avery explained that we needed to price the house based on the CMA. I reluctantly agreed, and we put the house on the market in late December.
Avery’s superior knowledge of the market paid off quickly. We received 3 Offers within a couple of months, and submitted our first Short Sale package to the bank in early February.Avery encountered tremendous and ongoing resistance from the bank. Many times during the four months Avery fought for approval, I felt guilty for putting her through all of that. Avery’s drive, determination, concern for helping me get out of a bad situation, pushed her through all the doors we thought were closed to us. Most of us work to get paid; however, I realized early on, that Avery was not attached to the commission. The work she put into getting this sale approved and closed far exceeded the commission she earned.After four months of constant phone calls, e-mails, resubmissions of the package itself, dealing with a host of very nasty, rude and indifferent loss mitigation employees, we closed on June 19.
Avery’s short sale expertise, strength, energy, strategic agility and unrelenting commitment to doing what was best for me, have left me in awe of her.I’m sure you were aware of some of the things Avery went through, but certainly not everything. She is a very giving and loyal person, and an excellent Realtor. I have continued to thank God for directing me to Avery.

- Lisa H.

Space Coast Real Estate One’s agents helped us with our short sale process from start to finish with our house. Some of the qualities we appreciated during this process was their knowledge in the matter, sincerity and ability to project confidence on what we were doing. I would definitely recommend this company and especially Avery Piantedosi to any of my friends and family.

- Oscar V.

I was fortunate to have a friend recommend Avery from Space Coast Real Estate One to be my real estate agent. Avery brought knowledge, professionalism and a wonderful personality to the overall process. It isn’t fun going through a divorce, selling your house (short sale), but having an agent like Avery made it that much easier. I would say Avery’s greatest asset is her personality; she is calm, cool and collected all with a smile. I would recommend Avery to my friends or anyone looking to sell their house!

- Jay R.

It was a great pleasure working with Avery Piantedosi of Space Coast Real Estate One, and we would certainly work with her again. Avery is personable, attentive, patient, and honest. Her excellent communication skills made the process seamless. Buying and selling a house is emotional and stressful, and Avery reassured us every step of the way. She is a trustworthy broker, one of the best!

- Dan and Melisa D.

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