When choosing a real estate professional, make sure they are working for you and don’t just want to ‘sell’ you!

Being in the ‘sales based’ industry of real estate for over a decade, I have had many people give me advice over the years. Some of it has been good… some of it not so good. But one of the best pieces of advice I got was from a realtor who told me that real estate isn’t about sales, it’s about people. In other words, if you aren’t tapped into what your client wants, needs and desires, you might sell them a piece of property, but you aren’t going to have a completely satisfied client who is going to give you repeat business.

Too many real estate professionals look at this business as sales. Sure, the sale of real estate is involved, whether you are looking for a first time home for a newly married couple or you are listing and selling an apartment building for a commercial seller. However, the sale will happen on its own. How many people who aren’t in the market for a million dollar home on the river in Melbourne Beach would you be able to convince to purchase one? Or how many sellers who love their oceanfront condo in Satellite Beach and want to leave it to their grandchildren would you be able to convince to sell? Even if you COULD convince these people to do something they don’t want to do, why would you?!

I have never believed in pushing someone into doing something they are not comfortable with, using cheesy sales tactics or employing the “I am better than the competition and let me tell you why” car salesman techniques that so many other agents use. Not only do these tactics tend to rub people the wrong way and are often times unethical, they also don’t ask the question ‘what is best for my client”?

I am not an aggressive ‘car salesman’ type real estate broker, nor have I ever been. I choose to be a consistent presence in the market offering honest, reliable information and advice. I will always strive to present the best scenario for my client, even if it means not selling a property or encouraging them to purchase something that is a lower price but more within their reach. Although these ‘pushed’ transactions might temporarily line my pockets, in the long run, they will not lead to a happy client OR repeat business.

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