Consumers, especially when it comes to real estate, need to feel in control of the process

Remembering to practice good customer service isn’t always easy, especially in the real estate business. With sellers wanting more for their homes than they are worth, buyers thinking they still have months and months to make decisions, and consumers going to sites like Zillow and Trulia to get their market information, it’s no wonder Realtors find themselves having a hard time keeping clients happy!

When I started my real estate career, I admit- I thought I knew it all. I couldn’t wait to educate my customers, tell them what homes were best for them, why this mortgage program was better than that one, and advise them of the pitfalls of the home buying or selling process. But I realized something rather quickly. People, although they always want you to be honest and upfront, have their own ideas. They have their own agenda’s. And even if they aren’t going in a direction you think is best for them, sometimes you have to let them go and find out for themselves.

So I developed a saying to help me with my customer service and it goes something like this: “The customer is always right.. even when they are wrong”! We are here to guide our clients but at the end of the day they are the ones making the big purchase or sale. They are the ones writing the checks, not the real estate practitioner. Sometimes in order to serve our clients we have to listen, observe and allow them to take the lead.  In real estate, as in life, we all have free will. And sometimes we have to learn from our mistakes. Although we try to protect our clients from those mistakes as much as possible, sometimes we need to let them take the wheel and let their decision be the ‘right’ one.

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