There are a lot of people relocating into the Brevard county area of Florida and to Florida in general. There are some basic things to think about when relocating anywhere. This post will take you through some easy points to follow to make the most out of your move!

The first one is going through each room and deciding what to get rid of. Start planning a yard sale or contact your local charity. Sometimes you don’t even have to do the yard sale. You can just skip that part and get a good tax donation, I’m sorry, tax deduction if you donate.

Find out whether your employer is paying for any moving expenses. A lot of employers have relocation packages that are very helpful when you’re moving.

Contact moving companies for estimates and information. I have some information on some moving companies if you want to contact me for those.

Make an inventory of everything to be moved. Open a bank account in your new location and change currency. That’s if you are coming from somewhere outside of the country obviously.

Cancel all newspapers and services.

Contact a real estate agent in your new location so they can begin searching for your new home or rental property. This is important because you really want to get the timing on this right, especially if you’re going to purchase something. You don’t want to start looking too soon or too late, so contacting a realtor for that is essential.

Cancel or transfer mobile and telephone numbers.

Make sure your passport is valid. Again, this is for international clients.

Collect everything you have loaned out and return everything you have borrowed.

Start pulling together medical and dental records.

Schedule disconnection of utilities at your old home and connection of your new ones.

Make hotel and airline reservations.

Get children’s school records if you have children.

Find a cleaning service that will do a final cleaning of your home if you don’t want to do it.

Transfer closed bank accounts. That’s only if you don’t have an account that is a national bank.

Move all jewelry and other valuables to a safe deposit box or other safe place to prevent loss during a move.

Another thing I would add to this is make sure your jewelry and valuables are insured before you move, because you just never know what’s going to happen.

Check into storage options for those items you cannot move immediately and may need to store temporarily.

Make backup copies of important files on your computer before packing it up.

Separate cartons and luggage you need for personal travel.

Pack a special box with essentials you’ll need for the first few days.

If you have children or pets, maybe arrange for someone to look after them depending on how well behaved they are or how young they are.

Pack cleaning materials and tools separately.

Arrange for your mail to be forwarded.

Finally, make a final checklist of the entire house.

This is just a generalized checklist to get you thinking about the details of your relocation. The best thing you can do for yourself when you’re planning to relocate is relax, stay focused, do one thing at a time, and your move will be over before you know it! If you are relocating to the Space Coast of Florida and need help, feel free to reach out at 321-351-1441 or visit our website for more information and property listings!