Real Estate Broker Avery Piantedosi explains how she found her passion through real estate

I’ve been thinking a lot about passion lately. What is it? What does it mean in respect to our lives? Some people think it’s something you feel with another person you care deeply for. While this is true, passion can also be felt for every aspect of life including what you do for work. To be a passionate person, to me, means to connect with and enjoy life on a deeper level. You are not just living … you are embracing every moment, every person and every opportunity that crosses your path.

Passion also leads to purpose. After being in real estate for over a decade I can safely say it’s one of my biggest passions. It’s been a joy and a journey and I wouldn’t change it for the world. What’s been the most exciting aspect of this particular passion is that it has lead me to a more fulfilling purpose as a human being. I am not just selling property, showing homes, writing contracts, working with title agents, mortgage lenders and other realtors. I am helping people. Above all else, this life is about that one very simple thing and that is the essence of what I do in real estate. Helping people is the common thread that connects all of my transactions.

I am very blessed to be living a life that I created from my dreams. I love what I do and it effects and influences the rest of my life as a result. And as long as one is following this path, I believe the potential is limitless. Life is truly a magical gift .. so go find your passion and purpose or enjoy the one you have already discovered!


If you need help with the sale or purchase of real estate on the Space Coast of Florida, please do not hesitate to contact Avery directly at 321.914.4409 or via email at [email protected]. She’d be happy to help!