History of Melbourne Beach, Florida

Not many people know about the little hidden gem on the Space Coast of Florida we call Melbourne Beach and the place I now call home. It’s a little beachside community located on the East Coast on a Barrier Island and is part of a larger, vibrant coastal community.

Melbourne Beach was reportedly discovered by Juan Ponce de Leon, the Spanish explorer who stumbled upon this little piece of paradise back in 1513. The town was developed into what we now know it as in the 1900’s by settlers. A ‘Yankee’ by the name of Major Cyrus Graves bought up the town for a whopping $1.25 per acre!

For a long time, Melbourne Beach was the only way one could get to the ocean for many miles in either direction as no real street system was built until the 1920’s. Shortly after that there was a boom of sorts in the development of the town. The depression took care of those plans, however, and the town remained untouched for the following 20 years.

The economy was given a boost from the World War II construction jobs in the early 1940’s which was followed by the development of the first Rocket Program located at Cape Canaveral (this is what gave the area the name “Space Coast”). This caused the entire area to grow and flourish into what it is today.

Melbourne Beach, although surrounded by a more booming economy and varied other towns, remains largely untouched. This sleepy little beach town still has the feel of a time when life moved a little bit slower, people knew their neighbors and were there to help each other out at a moment’s notice. It’s still like that and when I moved here I joked to my northerner friends and family that I hadn’t been honked while driving since I moved here! People are just not that hurried. They realize that you must take time to smell the roses and they do every day. And that, if you live in the right spot… life is a Beach!

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