The real estate market in Brevard County is getting HOT! Buyers and investors both are finding deals here on the Central Coast.. but they won’t last forever

I became a licensed real estate broker in Brevard County several years ago and have been closely watching the space coast real estate market ever since. Around the time I opened my first brokerage in the area, an inflated real estate market has just burst and real estate practitioners and consumers alike felt the impact for years after.

Fortunately, markets tend to be cyclical and the Space Coast area real estate market has rebounded over and above many other areas in the country. One of the reasons for this is that although prices here became inflated, they never reached the ridiculous peaks found in some other markets such as areas of California or Arizona. In addition, the Space Coast area has been and remains a ‘hidden gem’ in Central Florida that has yet to be exploited (although this is likely to change in the future). The market here is rebounding but there are still amazing deals to be had. It still has some of the most undervalued beachfront property on the East Coast and the lifestyle is laid back and easy. From oceanfront condos to riverfront estates and everything in between, you can find it in this community for much less than most other areas of Florida.

If you have ever been interested in purchasing Florida real estate, this market is a great choice! Find out more by visiting or call us at 321-914-4409 for property reports, real estate listings and information on local news, events and market trends!