The Space Coast’s real estate market is starting to Boom!

It’s an exciting time to be in real estate in Brevard County. After several years of the real estate market being in a slump it is encouraging that home prices are finally starting to rebound. Another plus to being in this field in Brevard County right now is that major businesses are finally realizing that the Space Coast is a great place to start or expand their operations.

The recent “Project Magellan” started by Northrup Grumman is a perfect example of this. The company will be brining 1800 executive level jobs to the area and with that a demand for housing. This has prompted local builders to beef up their inventory again which is always a great sign that growth is happening. The executive jet manufacturing company, Embraer is also an example of a company that has found a home here in Brevard. This company has brought several Brazilians to the area as well as provided more jobs for those already here.

With these changes and additions, Brevard County is becoming something different than what it once was. This climate of change offers the opportunity for this area to transform itself. I have always seen the Space Coast as a diamond in the rough. Maybe it’s time for this area to truly shine !