My first experience with a Loggerhead sea turtle laying her eggs!… by Avery Piantedosi

One of the best things about living on the Space Coast of Florida is watching the sunrise any morning you wake up early enough to do so. The beach is very close to where I live so all I have to do is cross the street and I’m on the Atlantic Coast! Some mornings are so magical it’s hard to put into words the colors and peacefulness and any of the photographs taken just don’t do it justice. Today was one of those magical mornings…

The clouds were covering just enough of the sky to make the colors of the rising sun play off the waves with red and orange hues that it just didn’t look real. These are moments when you know there is a creator out there somewhere. I was with my dogs who were playing in the waves without a care in the world and I saw sand shooting up from nowhere down the beach a bit. I thought I was seeing things until I got a little closer and, sure enough, it was a huge Loggerhead turtle, scooping sand with her front flippers, burying her eggs and part of herself in a huge hole!

At first I thought she needed help or was hurt in some way because there were no other turtles on the beach. The others had just left tracks where they had gone back into the Ocean. I called the Sea Turtle Preservation Society and they assured me it was perfectly normal for her to be there in the morning. They asked me to check on her later to make sure she safely returned to the ocean. These stunning creatures have to beat the odds and the adversity and cruelty of nature to survive and thrive. They are a testament to how amazing and wondrous nature is, as well as to the strength of a mother giving birth to another generation. And although most of her eggs won’t live to be her size, you have to pray that at least one grows up to be like her momma… and will visit that very beach again in the future to repeat the beautiful cycle of life once again.


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